We raise and deliver healthy, humane beef to make eating well easier.

Here at Spring Forest Farm

Your Food Dollar
Works with Nature…

Cows do eat ragweed

…to restore natural cycles:
Zero chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides used on pastures.

Jewel weed growing along creek

…to fight climate change:
Intensive silvopasture system grows more food & captures more carbon.

Natural behaviors are respected

…to support Animal welfare:
Low stress animal management is observation based. We’ve never been to a sale barn, and we won’t send our animals to feedlots.

Helping you nourish your loved ones

Our cows aren’t simply “grass fed.” Our beef is born, raised, and finished on pasture. They eat a diverse diet, including:

  • Mixture of Grasses
  • Beneficial Herbs
  • Leaves from Trees and Shrubs
  • Honey Locust Seed Pods
  • Even the Occasional Pecan, Chestnut, Apple, and Pear

The herd stays healthy eating this diverse diet, and we think that makes their meat healthier for you!

From “Eating Well Made Easy”

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