Our Story

Calves and herd on spring grass

Is your life overflowing in service to others –chauffeuring your daughter to lessons, supporting your husband’s small business, serving multiple facets of your community– leaving precious little time to plan and prepare nutritious, delicious home cooked meals? 

The struggle is real! Julie served as the family chauffeur, homeschool mentor and volunteer while building the farm business. We understand the need to be efficient when planning and preparing family meals.

Do you also miss being able to harvest watercress because you’re afraid your local stream is contaminated?

Our practices promote healthy soil, water, air and increased biodiversity.  We believe that sustained effort with an ever expanding community of growers and food lovers can restore our soils and streams to health and allow us to harvest the bounty in our backyards and wild places with confidence.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey!

There are many ways to support our efforts. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and most important. Buying our beef, participating at the Tahlequah Community Garden, and/or the Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association can all help in the effort to transform our food system and make healthy eating achievable for all of us.


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